Minecraft at Newark Public Library

Newark Public Library LOVES Minecraft!


Since we started the club in February, we have had a blast playing Minecraft here at the Newark Public Library. We have continued our monthly Minecraft Club events (on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6pm), and we held a super special Minecraft Party in April. During these events, we have all computers in the Children’s and Teen rooms available for Minecraft play, Minecraft paper crafts, word searches, coloring sheets, etc., as well as perler bead projects. We even had a Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Pig station at the party, which is still hanging up in the Teen Room.

Here’s a link to a Finger Lakes Times article about our awesome Minecraft Club.


Because Minecraft has been so popular, and because we figured out that Xbox and tablet Minecraft accounts don’t transfer over to be used on computers, we have purchased 5 library Minecraft accounts that can be used on any downstairs computer whenever the library is open. These accounts were such a good investment! It seems like there is always someone using a library Minecraft account, and sometimes every computer is filled. We might need to download the program onto the library’s laptops if popularity continues to increase!


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