Seasons Category

I forgot to post about this new category specifically, so here’s a picture of it in all its glory! I’m still waiting to get some new acrylic “standy-uppy things” to hold the category sign, but oh well. Still pretty!

We used multi-colored lettering for the labels on this one, and I think it looks pret-ty dang snazzy. We put this category at the end of the Holiday books, since seasons and holidays often go hand in hand. As with the other categories, I included a select few nonfiction books in this collection in an effort to increase their visibility.

This isn’t every single season book yet, but I have found that we have WAY more Winter books than any other season, with Fall coming in at second place. It makes sense though, because unfortunately Winter takes up most of our year. At least we have lots of great books to get us through the cold and snowy months!

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