Slime and Play Dough Factory 

Our Slime & Play Dough Factory program was a blast! Everyone got to make their own personalized batches of slime and play dough, and take them home! (I got a lot of “Can I take this home??” questions)

On top of having a good old-fashioned messy time, the kids got to use their reading and math skills in a real-life situation by reading and following the recipes, while witnessing MAGICAL scientific processes!

You’ll see in the slime recipe below that step 3 includes “be AMAZED!” and that’s just what everyone did! As soon as the Borax mixture was mixed into the glue mixture, it immediately started to solidify and turn very gloopy (technical term) before our eyes!

Before the program started, I set out the ingredients and supplies, making sure to include only the measuring cups and spoons that we would be needing, so that kids didn’t have to sift through a million useless utensils to find the one. They still had to read the handles and figure out which one to use though, because there were multiple units of measurement at each station.

Miss Caitlin and I set up two tables for each  recipe, and made sure that each table had everything that was needed for the recipe. This way, kids didn’t have to carry their mixtures across the room a bunch of times and risk spilling their concoctions.

In preparing for this program, which I have held once before, I experimented for quite some time with different slime and play dough recipes to find just the right proportions of ingredients, and just the right processes. I wanted to make these as easy and low-mess as possible, and these recipes are what I came up with! I LOVE that the play dough recipe all takes place inside of one baggie, with no bowls or stirring necessary. Unfortunately, the slime needs two bowls, so there were only five slime stations available at a time, but that wasn’t even bad! We just sent people to the play dough recipe first, and called them over as slime stations became available.

I encourage anyone to try out these recipes! It really is as simple it sounds!


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