LEGO WeDo Robotics Session 2

Summer photo archives: LEGO WeDo Robotics!

We built a robot and experimented with programming it to change colors, make noises, display text, and move forwards and backwards. It was a great time!


Farm Animals at the Library 

I’m not sure why this didn’t post over summer when it happened, but here are some pictures from when the Wayne County Dairy Princess visited the library for a farm-themed storytime, and their friends brought some animals for the kids to check out!

Book Club Meeting- Wonder

At this month’s 5th Grade Book Club meeting at Kelley School, we talked about Wonder by RJ Palacio. We actually ended up reading about how Palacio was inspired to write the book (by a girl she saw at an ice cream shop, and then by listening to the song Wonder by Natalie Merchant), and then we watched the Wonder music video and talked about it in relation to the book. We ended the meeting by talking about kindness, discussed ways that we can be more kind in our everyday lives, and cut out little compliment cards to hand out as random acts of kindness. It was a great afternoon!

Students Choose @NPL

We had a heck of a time here on Friday afternoon with about 35 kids from Newark Middle School’s Students Choose program! Every 5 weeks, we have the opportunity to spend an afternoon with 30-60 kids who are a part of the Students Choose program, and it is super busy and super fun.

In the picture above, a few of our friends are trying out Ozobots (tiny robots that you can program just by drawing on paper!) for the first time.  They had a blast!

During these programs we offer a variety of activities for students to wander around and enjoy. The other activities we offered were:

Coding (

MaKey MaKey

3D Printing

Board Games

LEGO Challenge


The kids seemed to have the most fun with our technology-based programs, which is exactly what we wanted. We’ve been focusing a lot on STEM-related activities here at the library for the past couple of years, and this program is just one of the ways that we try to promote STEM literacy in our community. The Students Choose program will be back next month. Stay tuned!

Pokemon Go @ the Library 

We’ve been having lots of visitors at the library looking to play Pokemon Go! We are designated as a gym, and the Historical Society across the street is a Pokestop, so there’s been quite a bit of traffic in this little part of town. The library is an excellent place to stop by if you’re a Pokemon fan because of this, and because we also have lots of Pokemon books and a monthly Pokemon Club!