Stuffed Animals Storytime

Last week’s Storytime had a Stuffed Animals theme, and it was super fun! We read stories about stuffed animals (you wouldn’t BELIEVE what they get up to while we are asleep!), did our usual singing and dancing, and made soft dogs and cats! Miss Nancy made us this craft, and it was super cool because we go to make either a dog or a cat just by swapping out the ears. While we listened to our stories, we each got to hold one of the library’s stuffed animals, too!

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten @ NPL


A couple of months ago, we began our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program, and it has been very successful so far! We have over 25 kids signed up through the library, and two classes at Head Start participating in the program as large groups!

The kids are really enjoying the praise for all of their work, and they are super proud when they come in with a full sheet that they colored in. I’m so glad that I decided to try this out!

Here’s our flyer, which is full of general information about the program:


Here’s our reading log, which I created using Canva. This was super easy and much more affordable than purchasing them from a vendor.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Reading Log.jpg

Lego Fun!

Anyone who has been to the Newark Public Library knows that WE LOVE LEGOS! We have monthly Lego Nights where we make creations and display them all month in the Children’s Room, we have had special Lego Parties, and our Lego books can’t stay on the shelves! As a part of last year’s renovation, we created these super awesome Lego Walls in the Children’s Room, and they are a hit!

legowall          legowall2

Because we always need something Lego-related going on, this week I added a Lego Poetry station in the Children’s Room! We’re lucky enough to have lots of extra Legos, so I just grabbed a few and wrote words on the sides with permanent marker. Simple! I’m curious to see how well this goes over with the kids of Newark. Stay tuned!

This week, I’m also bringing part of our Lego collection to Lincoln School, where I will have a LEGO station at an event they are hosting. I just can’t get enough of Legos!