Sharpie Tie Dye 

Try this easy-peasy DIY project at home!

Supplies:T-shirts, Sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol, pipettes or medicine droppers

Procedure: Just draw on the shirt with the sharpies, then drip alcohol on the colored ares, and voila! Fancy new shirt!



Our Community Reads @ The Apple Shed 

We had an excellent Our Community Reads program at The Apple Shed. What a great event, and it was a beautiful day for an outdoor event.  Here are some photos!

Miss Caitlin reading some veggie-themed stories to the group


The Apple Shed provided such a cool craft! Flowers made with vegetable stamps!

…casually hangin’ out in the corn slide with some books

…we have a winner!

Superhero Training Academy- Physical Challenges 

For this session of our Superhero Training Academy, we had a variety of physically challenging activities. I think the pictures will speak for themselves on this one, but let me just say that this was SO MUCH FUN! We used these stations earlier in the day for a class visit, then later during our regular program, and it kept the kids entertained for quite some time. 10/10 would do again.


Super Aim Aftermath

This was THE most in-demand station, but also the messiest and most expensive. The cans of silly string lasted through MAYBE three kids’ turns before they were gone. Luckily we bought a whole case of it so we didn’t run out too quickly, but we could have definitely used more.


Art Hour, again!

For this Art Hour session, we kept it simple, yet with lots of room for creativity and experimentation. We tested out painting with lots of different tools, including bath poofs, fake flowers, dish scrubbers, dish sponges, paint rollers, and, of course, a variety of actual paintbrushes.

I think I’ve posted about this before, but I’ve been using a lot more open-ended, process-focused art projects than pre-prepared, cookie cutter crafts, and the results have been great! The kids get to be creative, and I get to throw things on the tables and see what they are into. Win-win, if you ask me!

Here are pictures of the different stations:

Kids got to carry their picture from station to station and use the different paints and tools at each to make a unique masterpiece.


Here are a couple of the day’s creations!


Check out this sweet, sweet ComicBook! page.

We got some new iPads, and during yesterday’s Teen App Reviewers program, we played with the ComicBook! app and some pictures from the Children’s Room iPad. Here’s a comic book page full of silly candid shots of our kids!


This app is SO fun and easy to use. I was giggling just about the entire time I was putting this together, because the faces are just so silly, and the stickers were just perfect.

Once we start circulating the iPads (hopefully soon) everyone can try it out, along with a bunch of our other awesome apps.