This week at storytime, we read these awesome books about colors!

  It was SO hard to narrow it down, because there are so many great books about colors, but these are the ones I chose:

Little Green Peas by Keith Baker- LMNO Peas was such a hit, so I figured the kiddos would like this one just as much, and they did! The kids got a little confused about the repetition of “little green peas” though, because sometimes they changed to “little green guys” or “little green fellas” but it kept them on their toes! This one would have been good with a little smaller of a group though, because the illustrations are so detailed and the green peas so little.

Magic Colors by Patrick George- THIS BOOK IS MAGICAL, if you couldn’t tell from the name. We had lots of fun turning the magic pages and watching the colors change. Mesmerizing.

…and one of my very favorites:

Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh- Not sure what to say about this book aside from the fact that it’s one of my faves. It introduces the concept of mixing colors to make other colors perfectly… and there’s a cat in it, so there’s that. ūüôā

After stories, we had a couple of colorful activities!

The first was mixing colors, just like the mice did! I almost always do this activity when I read Mouse Paint, so of course I did it this week! Very simple, just put red, blue, and yellow paints in a baggie with a spoon, seal them up, and let the kids go to town squishing the paint around to see what new colors they can make.

This activity is usually a hit, but it wasn’t as amazing to the kids this time because on the other tables were ACTUAL PAINTS AND PAPER, and of course, the messier the better!

Here are some examples of masterpieces that were created:

This was a great storytime, and the kids love playing with paints so much, I think I’m going to get them out more often!

Love Monster-inspired project 

So, my nephew (or nephew-almost-in-law), J, came to our Monster Party a couple of weeks ago and took out Love Monster and the Perfect Present by Rachel Bright, then went home and read it with Grandma. He then asked Grandpa to help him make a present for Grandma, and using some scraps of wood (just like in the book!) he put together this “star” for Grandma! My fiance and I were at his parents house and J showed us the awesome project along with the book that he read with his grandma. How cute!

iPad Storytime at Head Start!

I visit Head Start every Wednesday and see four classes. Every time I walk into a classroom, someone shouts, “Did you bring your tablet today?!” Usually my answer is no, but this week, I got to say “YES!!!”

When I use the iPad in storytime, I sometimes use just an activity or sometimes just a story, and pair them  according to a theme with regular books. This time though, I did just iPad stories, and even though the apps I chose had nothing in common, it was still a blast!

Here are the apps I used-¬† Go Away Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley-¬†This is a book that is perfect to be used in an interactive app, with the facial features that appear and disappear. We also liked that when I¬†touched each new feature, it wiggled and made a sound. Ed Emberley’s narration of the book is also great.¬† Red in Bed by Josh On–¬†This story is so great for use in a storytime. It’s quick and easy, and the interaction is perfect. You change the colors of things by touching them, and it’s magical! Red can’t go out in the morning to color things, so the other colors offer to color for him, but they color things the wrong colors! The orange strawberries, blue firetruck, etc. were HILARIOUS to the kids. Then when Red starts to feel better, he comes and fixes the colors and everything looks right again! Each color also makes a noise when touched, and when Red is feeling sick, the sound it makes.. well, let’s just say it has been compared to a toot.¬†¬†Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App! by Mo Willems- I’ve posted about this one before here. It’s always so much fun!

Silly Storytime 

Yesterday’s storytime was full of laughs¬†with a few silly stories!¬†The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak

This book was just hilarious. It had the kids laughing out loud throught the entire book, and I can’t say that for many books! I enjoyed being able to make lots of silly noises and voices, and the kids were happy to tell me I had to keep reading.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems

Always a favorite! We did have one little guy keep shouting “YES!” when the Pigeon asked to drive the bus, though, especially when the Pigeon offered 5 bucks!

Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin

This one wasn’t as hilarious for the kids as it was for the adults, but they still got a kick out of it. It made us all hungry for pizza!

Check out these authors for more silly picture books!

Peter Brown

Sean Bryan

Lauren Child

Adam Rubin 

David Shannon

Melanie Watt

Mo Willems

PJ Storytime!

On Thursday night, we enjoyed a PJ Storytime at the library, which surprisingly turned into two PJ Storytimes when a second group came in! I chose a few bedtime stories, then the kids got to choose books from the¬†ones I displayed (which all came from our “Stories & Rhymes” picture book cagegory). They chose some good ones!

The ones I chose were:

So Sleepy Story by Uri Shulevitz– This was the first time I read this one in a storytime, and everyone liked it. It’s such a cute book, and it kind of reminded me of Goodnight Moon.

Someone’s Sleepy by Deborah Lee Rose– This one’s so good for the younger kids, and since we had a mixture of ages, it worked out very well!

Sleepyheads by Sandra J. Howatt– I love the illustrations in this book, AND we got to look at where different types of animals go to sleep!

…and the kiddos chose these ones!

Time for Bed, Fred! by Vasmeen Ismail– A cute puppy story that had the kids laughing.

Bedtime for Monsters by Ed Vere– This is one of my favorite bedtime/monster stories ever! I get to use spooky voices, and it’s just so funny. There were lots of giggles both times I read this one!

Sleep Tight, Little Mouse by Mary Morgan– Another cute story that showed us where different types of animals sleep

The Stuffed Animals Get Ready for Bed by Alison Inches– WILD stuffed animals that the kid in the story has to put to bed!

I thought I was ready for bedtime before PJ Storytime started, and by the end of the second one, I was sure ready to go home and get into my own PJs!

Mo Willems/iPad Storytime!

I did this one a while ago, but it’s still one of my favorites so I have to share!


We read The Pigeon Wants a Puppy! and Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! by Mo Willems, then we used¬†Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App! on the iPad, followed by a cute, simple Pigeon craft.

I wasn’t sure how it would go, but this app was so much fun to use in storytime that I ended up using it during my 4 Head Start visits the next day. It was a crowd pleaser, as it’s silly and interactive.

If you’re not familiar with this app, basically, the bus driver asks the reader a series of questions such as “What’s your name?” “What’s something that you think is really smelly?” “What’s your favorite snack” and so on. The app records your answers and inserts them mad lib-style into an original “Don’t Let the Pigeon….” story.

The kids loved answering the questions, then hearing their answers repeated as part of the silly, high-energy animated story.

This app is on the pricier side, at $5.99, but it is so much fun.

This was such a fun storytime with the elements of print books, the interactive app, and the craft time!

Earth Day Storytime: Seeds and Flowers!

For today’s Head Start visit (four classes each Wednesday!), I really liked these books¬†for a seed and flower-themed storytime in celebration of Earth Day. I knew they’d already be talking about recycling, reusing, etc. all week at school, so I wanted to do something different yet related.

Seeds by Vijaya Khisty Bodach

I try to sneak in non-fiction books whenever I can, so I grabbed this one, and it was great for a preschool-age storytime. The text was very simple yet informative and conversation-provoking. I was even able to talk about poop when we got to the part¬†about birds eating berries and the sees coming out “in their waste.” That’s the mark of an excellent storytime book, in my opinion. Poop.

Flower Garden by Eve Bunting

I love this book for storytime! For one, it’s full of diverse characters, which we know is a trait lacking in many picture books. Also, because the girl in the story lives in the city, we got to talk about the city’s tall buildings, lack of yard space, apartment living, different places to plant gardens, etc. The mention of birthday cake and chocolate ice cream at the end got the kids (and me, I’ll admit) a bit riled up, but that’s to be expected just before lunch time!

Flowers by Number by David Shapiro

I really liked this one for all of the information that it contained about when and where different flowers grow, plus the element of counting the flowers, petals, leaves, etc. ALSO, the counting in this book starts at zero, which I don’t see a lot but think should definitely be included in some counting books.