Teen Pizza Making Class!

The wonderful Peg taught yet another cooking class for us– this time for teens! The teens got to make personal pizzas from scratch, starting with making dough, cutting up ingredients, grating cheese, and everything! It was a long program because of the amount of time involved in preparing and baking the pizzas, but it was well-worth it! We also spent a lot of time talking about Pokemon Go, as two people caught Pikachus right there in the community room!

Cooking Class- Apple Granola Wedges 

Here are some photos from our first Cooking Class of the Summer! One of our wonderful staff members, Peg, taught the kids how to make tasty apple granola wedges, and they had a blast with the hands-on experience of making their own snack! She even taught them the science behind how water and chocolate interact, how lemon juice and apples interact, measurement unit conversion and more!


Beach Storytime! 

This storytime was tons of fun! We read some beach stories, played with a real beach ball, made our own beach ball crafts, AND we played with some homemade MOON SAND! This was quite messy, but definitely worth the vacuuming.

Here’s the moon sand recipe if you’d like to try making some. It’s super simple!

8 cups of flour

1 cup of baby oil

mix together with a spoon, then with hands to break up clumps and spread the baby oil around, and voila! Moon sand!