Students Choose @NPL

We had a heck of a time here on Friday afternoon with about 35 kids from Newark Middle School’s Students Choose program! Every 5 weeks, we have the opportunity to spend an afternoon with 30-60 kids who are a part of the Students Choose program, and it is super busy and super fun.

In the picture above, a few of our friends are trying out Ozobots (tiny robots that you can program just by drawing on paper!) for the first time.  They had a blast!

During these programs we offer a variety of activities for students to wander around and enjoy. The other activities we offered were:

Coding (

MaKey MaKey

3D Printing

Board Games

LEGO Challenge


The kids seemed to have the most fun with our technology-based programs, which is exactly what we wanted. We’ve been focusing a lot on STEM-related activities here at the library for the past couple of years, and this program is just one of the ways that we try to promote STEM literacy in our community. The Students Choose program will be back next month. Stay tuned!

Family Game Time

Last Night’s Family Game Time program was a hit, and I’m sure it had NOTHING to do with the Oreos and fruit snacks I was offering…

We had over 20 people, including kids, teens, and grown-ups join us to play with the PS4, use our iPads, and play with various board games and activities. Here’s a list of what they liked the most, with links for more information on some of them!

PS4 Games- Monopoly and Rocket League

Gravity Maze

Bloxels Video Game Builder

Snap Circuits

Lakeshore Vehicle Building Engineering Center

…and of course, the Minecraft app!


It was great to see the kids having fun while practicing STEM skills of problem solving, building, critical thinking, and working together. This was a great program!