Stuffed Animals Storytime

Last week’s Storytime had a Stuffed Animals theme, and it was super fun! We read stories about stuffed animals (you wouldn’t BELIEVE what they get up to while we are asleep!), did our usual singing and dancing, and made soft dogs and cats! Miss Nancy made us this craft, and it was super cool because we go to make either a dog or a cat just by swapping out the ears. While we listened to our stories, we each got to hold one of the library’s stuffed animals, too!

Pete the Cat Storytime

We had a GROOVY time at this week’s storytime, reading books about Pete the Cat! Pete is definitely a favorite here in Newark, so whenever we read his books for storytime it’s always a blast. At the end of the storytime, all but two of the books shown below were even checked out!


We made a couple of Pete the Cat crafts, including fuzzy coloring pieces and Pete masks!

Beach Storytime! 

This storytime was tons of fun! We read some beach stories, played with a real beach ball, made our own beach ball crafts, AND we played with some homemade MOON SAND! This was quite messy, but definitely worth the vacuuming.

Here’s the moon sand recipe if you’d like to try making some. It’s super simple!

8 cups of flour

1 cup of baby oil

mix together with a spoon, then with hands to break up clumps and spread the baby oil around, and voila! Moon sand!


Sharpie Tie Dye 

Try this easy-peasy DIY project at home!

Supplies:T-shirts, Sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol, pipettes or medicine droppers

Procedure: Just draw on the shirt with the sharpies, then drip alcohol on the colored ares, and voila! Fancy new shirt!



Our Community Reads @ The Apple Shed 

We had an excellent Our Community Reads program at The Apple Shed. What a great event, and it was a beautiful day for an outdoor event.  Here are some photos!

Miss Caitlin reading some veggie-themed stories to the group


The Apple Shed provided such a cool craft! Flowers made with vegetable stamps!

…casually hangin’ out in the corn slide with some books

…we have a winner!