Perkins and Lincoln School Visits! 

I’ve been very busy these past few weeks visiting the schools! I’ve finished Kelley School, which feels like a huge accomplishment, and now I’m onto Perkins and Lincoln (PreK-2). For these younger kids, we are focusing on community helpers!

First, we talk about Summer Reading at the library and read a couple of stories together, then we move on to these super fun (AND EASY) stations!

Station 1: Matching Puzzle Game

At this station, the kids simply have to match the community helper to a tool or object they use. For example, the librarian and her books, or the road worker and his “SLOW” sign. Hoarding puzzle pieces has been an issue with some kids, but there has also been a lot of good teamwork going on. 

Station 2: Dress Up!

Another simple station- dressing up! We have smocks and hats, and the kids get to take turns dressing as different community helpers. Super easy for the grownups in this situation– just let ’em loose!

Station 3: Community Helper Action Figures

I just love these little action figures, and so do the kids! As you can see in the picture below, we set out a table with the helpers and some books that go with them. The kids can match the figure to its corresponding book, or just play freely with them!

…and that’s it! Nowhere near as complicated as the stations at Kelley, but still very engaging and possibly even more fun!

      Summer Reading Materials!

Summer Reading is almost here! In fact, at the request of some kids at my school visits yesterday, we have everything all ready for the reading portion of the program– Game Boards, prizes, and party voting!

Here’s our calendar, which can also be accessed for registration purposes here:

There will be a couple of extra programs thrown in that aren’t on the calendar, as well as a free lunch program that will be advertised separately, as the details aren’t nailed down yet, and I’ve started my class visits and needed to print out my calendars.

…and here is our Game Board! We used one similar to this last summer, but we tweaked some of the activities and did away with the registration papers, as well as the multiple age level game boards. Now, it’s just one game board that kids and teens of any age can use. Much easier for staff and for explaining to people!

New this year, we will also be voting for the theme of our End of Summer Parties! Kids can choose from a Luau Party, a Superhero Party, and a Carnival Party, and teens can choose from a Dessert Party, a Pizza Party, and a Taco Party. When kids turn in their Game Boards, they will get a prize (free book!) and a marble to be used for voting. We hope to get lots of votes this summer!

You guys, I’m so excited for this year’s Summer Reading Program. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Some say that about the holiday season, but we know that summer is when all the magic happens at libraries!