Sharpie Tie Dye 

Try this easy-peasy DIY project at home!

Supplies:T-shirts, Sharpie markers, rubbing alcohol, pipettes or medicine droppers

Procedure: Just draw on the shirt with the sharpies, then drip alcohol on the colored ares, and voila! Fancy new shirt!



Art Hour    

We had lots of fun at Art Hour this week! We had a few different stations, with different art supplies to try out! I’ve been trying out more “process art” things lately, and I’ve found that the kids and parents are really running with the open-ended-ness of the art projects. Plus, it’s SO easy for me– All I have to do is cover tables and get out art supplies! Here are some pictures of a few of our stations:

Liquid Watercolor in Spray Bottles


Variety Paintbrushes and Stamps



…featuring these AWESOME Tri-Color Crayola washable markers. These were SUCH a hit!


Cleanup was a doozy, and the carpet may or may not now have liquid watercolor speckles on it, but it was well-worth it! We will be repeating this program two more times over the summer, with different art supplies.