Monster Party! 

We had an awesome MONSTER PARTY last night here at NPL, and it was a blast! We read some monster stories, had a monster snack, colored some monster pictures, made a monster craft, and pretended we were monsters!

Ladies and gentlemen, my pride and joy, my greatest acoomplishment: MONSTER COOKIES! I’m obsessed with how cute these babies came out!    To make these, I used Nilla wafers, green frosting, eyeball candies, and purple “candy shred” for the hair. Super easy and cute! Just look at the cyclops ones!!

For our craft, we made monster corner bookmarks, and they came out FABULOUS. Here’s mine!

Here’s Ethans, complete with a screaming “AAAAAA”  Here’s Brooklynn’s, with “bloody fangs” eek!
  …and here’s Nana’s with a bazillion eyes and more bloody fangs!

We had such a good time, and I almost……ALMOST feel guilty about how much sugar they left with in their bellies. 🙂